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top 10 of 2014


Adeena - Wow, what a gorgeous collection, Donna! Can’t wait to see what you do in 2015. <3

Lisa - Donna, these are fantastic! My particular fave is the street light image, I absolutely love your composition! Really, I love all of your work :-)

Cindy - Wow, it is hard to pick my favourite. They are all so unique. But I really like the one of the person walking in the dark under the streetlights. It reminds me of the mysteries I love to read. Who is that person under the streetlights? What is he doing? Why is he there? Where is he going?

Chrissy - Donna these are all so gorgeous! Please post more in the new year! The street light photo has been a favorite of mine this year but I never saw some of the others, they are amazing!

Molly - I have never seen a blueberry look so interesting! Gorgeous work.

Sally Zarka - Donna these are wonderful. I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful work this year!!!

Jennifer Carr - Donna, I love seeing all of these beautiful images in one place. I hope you’ll keep sharing <3

donnadaviephotography - Thank-you so much for the wonderful comments!

creating drama with light- monthly creative exercise

For this month’s creative exercise, I’ve put together some of my favorite images from the last several months that demonstrate the use of dramatic light. Dramatic light produces harsh shadows and edges; which, creates depth and inflicts a stronger emotion in the viewer.

For more images on this month’s theme, please visit Carrie’s work at Carrie Ayn Photography.


Belinda - As always Donna there are amazing! I particularly like the shot of the boy on the skateboard, and the last shot.

Barrett Klein - Love all of your pictures Donna! Very nice!

KatieW - These are wonderful Donna! The last one is my favorite, you used the light so well to create a sense of isolation and I love the composition here.

Andee - Cool light and drama. Great job.

CarrieAyn - As always, you blow my mind. I am always so inspired after seeing what you come up with. =) Gorgeous.

Jamie Loomis - Great use of light and composition in all of the photos but the last one is my favorite. Love the mood, isolation, composition, and mystery. Another job well done Donna!

Andreina - These are amazing! I’m stopping by from our P52 :)
Always have loved your style!

spooky- monthly creative exercise

The fog

The fog rolls in
Softening the harshness of reality
It blankets everything in the moment
of its ghostly embrace
obscuring imperfections
hiding secrets whispered in the night
In its depths, truth you’ll find

The rain falls softly
A lover sighs
A gentle breeze
Rustling leaves
Melancholy closes in
And like the fog
Envelopes my being

 Chantelle Riberio


For more images on this month’s theme, please visit Carrie’s work at Carrie Ayn Photography.


KatieW - Amazing Donna! That 3rd bird image is amazing! Love the spider wed too. Love these!!

Andee - Mmmm. Perfection Donna.

Jamie Loomis - Great captures! The spider web detail is amazing!

Adeena - Wow, Donna! They are totally spooky and awesome! The web is really cool.

Kayla - Oh Donna, I like these!! The first three really speak ‘spooky’ to me!

Barrett - Love your pictures this month Donna! The fog is so cool and the spider web is amazing!

Angela Cowling - I wanted to grab a camera with the fog, and your pics make me want to kick myself for not doing it. Fabulous spooky job! The spider web detail is nothing short of incredible :)

lea smith - doh these are brilliantly spooky! LOVE the murder of crows in flight, the single crow in flight and the dark highway. I want these in print!!! breath-taking!

CarrieAyn - I look forawrd to your posts every month! These rock. My fav has to be the spiderweb. =)

motion blur- monthly creative exercise

This month’s creative exercise on motion blur has been one of my favorites so far. I am inspired by the element of movement in photography, and try to incorporate it as often as I can. ¬†Experimenting with longer shutter speeds to blur motion can result in some interesting effects. Blurring motion can also have a smoothing effect, making the image appear as if there isn’t movement at all. This effect is illustrated in the first two images.

For more images on motion blur, please visit Lea’s beautiful work here.


lea smith - breathtaking, all of them Donna!

Belinda - Wow Donna again you have amazed me! Those first two images are stunning a I love the last image too. I can see FAVE has had an effect!

kayla - Donna – I enjoy every single one of your images! That first one though, really gets me. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ – cause you rock.

Jamie Loomis - Wow Donna -Gorgeous! Love love the water shots! You will have to tell us more about FAVE!

KatieW - So so beautiful Donna! Is this where you live? So gorgeous!

Barrett - Really beautiful pictures Donna! Love the first two and I have never thought about that principle. The smoothing effect is so pretty on the water!

mobile phone- monthly creative exercise

For this month’s creative exercise, I took a slightly different approach. Instead of posting photos that I took with my phone, I used my phone for lighting. A couple of months ago, I was introduced to the most wonderful iphone app, the Pro HD Photo Soft Box. You can customize this app to your liking and I think I have just scratched the surface. The following images were shot in a completely dark room with my mobile phone as the light source.

For more images using her mobile phone, please visit Carrie’s blog @ Carrie Ayn Photography.

Thanks for reading,


CarrieAyn - I LOVE what your spin was! I have to try this technique out. As usual, your images are stunning. =) Well done!

Andee - Cheater cheater pumpkin eater. No, really, these are so COOL! I want that app! Love the simplicity. Nice.

Belinda - Wow Donna these are so cool! I have that app but haven’t figured out how to use it, i’ll have to get some tips off you. love it!

Barrett - Really pretty images! Love the one of the crayons!

Keri - I really love these images and your take on this month’s theme. You take some amazing photos and I always am in awe of them.

Rockie - AMAZING! That is a great approach and totally unexpected. I love the images, simple yet beautiful.

KatieW - Awesome twist on the theme Donna!! These are beautiful, such gorgeous light!